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Historically, democracies spread responsibility, creativity, human dignity, and, as a result, general prosperity. They do so well that after a time great wealth is achieved and then, unfortunately, success produces a dangerous counterforce. Elites begin to channel the wealth more and more to themselves and inequality increases, gradually spreading to the crippling disadvantage of the middle class and the poor. Now with the powers of ancient aristocrats, these elites begin to blame this disadvantage on “the takers,” closing doors of opportunity to everyone but themselves. At that point the very institutions of democracy begin to unravel. That is the situation in the world today and is especially true in the United States where the government is more representative of billionaires than anyone else.

In We Are People Here! we are responding to the dangerous rise of this plutocracy. Our attention has increasingly focused on the role of global banks. With 12,000 lobbyists working the Congress, spending millions in campaign contributions, receiving $800 billion in government bailouts, these great banks have become massive sucking machines hoarding wealth to themselves while squeezing the rest. A practical first response for us has been to explore and develop initiatives for the creation of public banks. Such banks are in widespread use around the world and devote lending to projects with public purposes, rather than funneling massive interest payments to the casinos of Wall Street. In the long run, our overall intention will be to find as many ways as possible to democratize our local economies, ultimately to include campaigns to move our money out of the global banks, to explore supplemental currencies, micro lending, and worker owned enterprises.

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WAPH Sep 24, 2013 Town Hall Part 4 of 4 Foreclosure – Robert Janes

Foreclosure law expert and author Robert Janes was a certified public accountant and practiced law for many years, representing individuals and businesses in state and federal courts, including debtor representation in complex Creditor vs. Debtor cases. Robert Janes is currently retired from his practices.  He has written “Fighting The Foreclosure Machine” and continues to update this book with papers that discuss newly-released and noteworthy court decisions – great resources for both homeowners and attorneys.  He tells us why and how to fight foreclosure and discuss the issues surrounding the bank’s ability to foreclose.


WAPH Sep 24, 2013 Town Hall Part 3 of 4 Foreclosure – Linda Durham

Another local Santa Fean and gallery owner for over 30 years, Linda Durham shares her ongoing journey through foreclosure and how these experiences have empowered her to fight back.  After 18 months of this process,  Linda says “I choose to remain optimistic and to continue to work for fairness, clarity, positive results…not just for myself – but for all who are falling “victim” to the foreclosure game.”


WAPH Sep 24, 2013 Town Hall Part 2 of 4 Foreclosure – Chris Clemens

Chris Clemens presents a brief overview of the financial crisis and of the banking industry’s and wall street’s role in the foreclosure crisis.  Chris and his family have lived in Santa Fe since 1975 and owned Clemens construction for 28 years.  He and his wife Lannie have fought the battle against foreclosure and hope to help others understand their rights and resources in protecting their home and property from foreclosure.


Plutocracy, inequality, and the public bank solution.

WeArePeopleHere! Founder Craig Barnes urges support for public banking and a more democratic economy in New Mexico.

Please watch this short You-Tube clip on the important work we are doing, focused on the banking empire, its ravaging effects upon democracy, the economy and us all, and on ways we can create a more democratic economy. Help us meet our grant challenge before year’s end. Thank you, Craig


Craig Barnes on Public Banking & its Role in Reviving Democracy

Craig Barnes’ Talk at Collected Works, on Sep 8, 2013

The global financial empire today has the power to control and bring down governments, to extract wealth from the middle class and the poor on every continent, and to deliver a triumph of materialism that drowns out human morality, compassion and community.  The empire is invisible and operates in secret but has the power to reach into your bank account, to force your government to its knees and never fire a single shot. In this piece, An Exploration of Empire, Craig Barnes lays out the rib structure of the new 21st century global dominion and local responses that can save democracy.


Craig Barnes Lectures Series

100x143WAPH_Logo_reducedWe Are People Here! began with a series of lectures presented by Craig Barnes at the Collected Works Bookstore in Santa Fe. A selection of material from those lectures can be seen in the Youtube videos below. (The Adobe Flash plugin is required to view these videos.)

Democracy at the Crossroads, Part 1: Democracy v. Plutocracy

Democracy at the Crossroads, Part 2: Evolution of Plutocracy

Democracy at the Crossroads, Part 3: Reading as Life Support for Revolution